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31 May 2007
Initial Assignment Wrap Up

A wrap-up of the NMS initial assignment is now available here. Included are full leaderboard statistics, clues, and credits.
24 May 2007
NMS Forums

We'd like to announce that the NMS forum is up and running here.

We'd love to see your photos and stories from the assignment, as well as hear about what you thought of our puzzles and Game structure (actually, we're dying to hear about that). We'll also put up a mini-wrap up with the leaderboard (from our confirmation line), full credits and instructions on how you can extract digital copies of the clues from your console applications a little later, once we've all caught our collective breath.
17 May 2007
Waivers and Equipment Update

To expedite the registration process for the initial assignment, we have made waivers available for printing and signing beforehand here.

Additionally, we have updated the equipment list to require Java 1.5. If the test application worked properly on your system, you don't need to update anything.
07 May 2007
Application Errata

It has come to our attention that some of our suspicious applicants have been deliberately falsifying their ages, perhaps in an attempt to qualify for our Spring Chickens discount.

Team #3's second applicant should be 51 years old, not 41.
Team #5's second applicant should be 43 years old, not 33.
07 May 2007
Assistance Requested

At the No More Secrets Consortium, strength of character is valued as highly as technical proficiency. Recently, several unquestionably qualified teams have applied to join the Consortium, yet something about their applications makes us uncomfortable. We suspect they may be up to something, but we have no proof. The Consortium requests that all members tap their extensive network of resources and attempt to dig up any evidence about what these men and women may be planning. If you find any proof, please email immediately.

The applications of the teams in question are here: [1 2 3 4 5 6 7]
30 April 2007
Initial Assignment Details Available

The No More Secrets Consortium is pleased to announce the details of initial assignment here. Good luck to our new members!
17 March 2007
New Members Announced

The No More Secrets Consortium is proud to announce its newest members! The full roster along with some statistics regarding the applications can be found here.
01 February 2007
Applications Now Available

Applications for the 2007 No More Secrets Consortium membership are now available on the Join Us page. Good luck! preclue
15 January 2007
Consortium Website Unveiled

The No More Secrets Consortium is pleased to announce the 2007 recruitment kickoff! After browsing our site, if you have any questions about our application process or about joining the Consortium, please email Also, check back on this page for the latest news and information regarding the Consortium and recruitment.