San Francisco
Saturday, August 2 & 9, 2014
What kind of event is a leisurely mini-game?
Just what it says. We're aiming to give teams a relaxing, fun, puzzle-filled day in the city. The idea is: solve some puzzles while traveling around San Francisco. Take your time, enjoy the day, work out your brain.
What about scoring?
To drive home the 'leisurely' part, there isn't going to be any scoring for this event. We want to encourage teams to enjoy themselves and their surroundings while solving puzzles; that means if you want to stop for a coffee, a bite to eat, or a margarita, you should! Of course, if teams want to develop some sort of scoring metric among themselves, that's totally fine.
Really? So, if we want to catch a movie…
Ok, be reasonable here. We'll staff clue locations for the better part of the day, but we will have a hard cut-off. We'll announce specific details about time cut-offs on the day of the game.
When does it start and expect to end?
We plan to start at 9AM. Depending on your solving quickness and level of leisure-liness, we hope that most teams will finish in the early evening.
Sounds good, how much?
Entry Fee: $25 per person.
How will we get around?
The only rule is that there is no driving allowed. All clue sites will be near MUNI stops, so that (+ walking) is the recommended method of travel.
Can our team just plan to walk the entire course?
Do NOT plan on doing this. You'll end up taking VERY long walks between some clues.
How many people per team?
To cover costs, we require a minimum of 4 players per team. There's no team size limit, but we are recommending 5 people per team. A little bigger is fine.
What do we need to bring?
You'll have to carry everything for the duration of the game, so we have made our requirements relatively light.
Where do I sign up?
Sorry, we're full. We'll tweet if a spot opens up.