Start Time & Location

Duboce Park
10:00 AM

Google Map

Parking Information

There is street parking available, but as is the case with most of San Francisco, it will likely be tight. We recommend that people carpool to the start location if possible. There is a public parking garage nearby, at Noe and Market (Google Map).

Getting there via MUNI

You can opt take the N-Judah MUNI line to the Duboce & Noe stop. If a captain wishes have their team's MUNI passes mailed to them beforehand so they can be used to get to the start location, contact inquiries at coedastronomy dot org with a mailing address by April 13, and we'll happily accommodate.

Structure and Puzzles

This game consists of 6 puzzles in different locations in San Francisco. In addition to the 6 main puzzles, you will receive 5 'travel' puzzles for solving while you're traversing from location to location. You do NOT need to solve the travel puzzle before receiving your next main puzzle -- in fact you can ignore them altogether if you don't feel like solving puzzles while traveling. They're just there to keep your mind limber!

The main puzzles each solve to a location, and ultimately solve to a final answer word. The travel puzzles each solve to a single word or phrase, and are unconnected to the main puzzles or to each other.

The Booklet

You will receive a booklet containing sites, maps, neighborhoods, and other useful information about San Francisco. It is HIGHLY suggested that you familiarize yourself with this guide. There won't be any puzzles in it, so you don't have to go through it with a fine-toothed comb, but you WILL want to know what's in it. It may come in handy. Very handy. Even if you know San Francisco like the back of your hand. Trust us.

Puzzle Difficulty

We've designed this to be accessible to puzzlers of all experience-levels, and therefore have two tracks to offer:
  1. Normal - We expect most beginner, casual, and non-crazy teams to go this route.
  2. Crazy - We expect teams that know what they're in for to go this route. If you have to think about which group you belong in, it's not this one.
Some puzzles have no distinction between the two tracks. For puzzles that do carry this distinction, the staffer at that site will ask your team which track your team is on, and you will then receive the appropriate materials.


The puzzles in this event are a little more involved than a standard BANG puzzle, so don't get frustrated if things don't always immediately jump out at you! We want everyone to have fun, so in the case your team is stuck on a puzzle, you will be able to to ask Game Control for hints via the onsite staffer for the clue and via cell phone.

The Weather

We've tried to schedule this event late enough into the spring so that there's a reasonable chance it will be warm and sunny, but the weather in San Francisco can take unpredictable turns. Be sure to dress in layers, so you'll be warm if it gets cold, and comfortable if it's warm. Check the weather before you leave for the event, and don't forget to bring an umbrella if it looks like it might rain.

End Time

Game Control will stop manning clue sites and the phone lines at 9:00 PM. At that time (or whenever you finish the route), we'll meet up and have dinner and/or drinks together.