Wrap Up
Official Results

Scoring System
Our system (after countless hours of debate):
1) Each solved puzzle is worth 1 point.
2) Hints are for free (though timed in the case of the field offices).

That's it. No complicated formulas, not even algebra is involved. (We really DO love you Ian!) Teams received their point when they called into the automated telephone line with a correct response. There was no guessing penalty, either.

Top Teams
As expected, the leaders would be determined by the number of cold case puzzles solved. This is why the hint system for field office clues were a bit more strict than those on the main route.

1. 5 Blind Boys(40)
2. The Burninators (39)
3. Here Be Dragons (38)
4. Team Briny Deep (37)
5. Loaded Bonbons & (35)
Get on a Raft With Taft

The full leaderboard is available here.

On the leaderboard, cells on the main route have three values. The first value is the time in which the correct answer was called into the phone system. The second value is the time that the team was SENT to that clue (i.e. it includes drive time TO that clue). The third value is the elapsed time.

The cold case file times are the times teams called in with the correct answer to that clue.