Wrap Up

The following people made the NMS Consortium's initial assignment a reality:

Crystal Chen
Jan Chong
Dale Neal
Justin Santamaria
Yar Woo
Peter Lai
Elena Melendez
Linnsey Miller
Haley Allen Charleston Park
Lucia Ballard GC phone support
Buddy Betts Twisters
Kat Chou Cryptic Studios
Sha Sha Chu Computer History Museum
Shane Combest Charades
Brendan Dixon GC phone support
Evtim Georgiev Twisters
Rahul Gupta Seymour Marine Discovery Center
Wayne Kao Twisters
Nick Kocharhook GC phone support
Dustin Lei Memorial Park
Vanessa Lerma Charades
Jennifer Lin Papua New Guinea Sculpture Garden
Alyssa Louie Plaza Del Sol
Felton Bridge
Bank Heist
Papua New Guinea Sculpture Garden
Stanford GSB
Diana Ly & Germaine Terman Engineering Building
Brian Mendenhall GC phone support
San Jose Municipal Rose Garden
Mari Mock Redwood Grove Nature Preserve
Seacliff Beach
Stanford GSB
Jennifer Novakoski GC phone support
San Jose Municipal Rose Garden
Matt Person GC phone support
John Ren Bank Heist motion sensor
Marcus Samale Charleston Park
Jessica Santamaria Plaza Del Sol
Anna Jean Cummings Park
Marini's Candies
Stanford GSB
Troy Steinmetz Charades
Raina Storer Fake NSA Agent
Mindy Tang & Jeremy Memorial Park
Justin Tansuwan GC phone support
Sunshine Weiss GC phone support
Fred Wulff Charades
Jesse Young Charades

Shane CombestJeremy Hoffman
Eric MayefskyKristjan Petursson
Troy SteinmetzJesse Young
Brendan DixonJustin Hwang
Peter LaiMatt Person
Walter ShenJustin Tansuwan
Nick KocharhookMarc Fletcher & Martha
Team Black Tie
Team Longshots
Universal Solvent (RadiKS)

Jesse Young
(original CRANEA console)
Rosanne Siino
(beach house owner)
Kara Bressie
(Blinkenlights / Cubes construction)
Computer History Museum
Bruce Rogers & Cryptic Studios
Gary Prehn & Escondido Elementary School
Marini's Candies
Twisters Gym