Iron Puzzler BANG

Featuring puzzles created for Iron Puzzler 2008 by:
Burninators, BootyVicious, coed astronomy, Evil Geniuses, Platonic Solids and Wrong Ideas

- R e s u l t s -

Congratulations to our winning team: White Ninjas!
We're already looking forward to the next BANG. :)

Full results from the event can be found here.

- W h e r e   a n d   w h e n -

saturday september 6, 2008
1 pm to 6 pm
registration opens at 12:30 pm, game starts at 1 pm
the presidio of san francisco

Teams should meet at the flagpole across from the Presidio's Officer's Club on Moraga Avenue. There should be ample parking in the lot by the Club. A link to a map of the Officer's Club is available here (the flagpole is just across the street).

Please plan to arrive before 1 pm to register. The game will start at 1 pm. Clue sites will close at 5:15 pm. We will accept answer sheet submissions until 6 pm, but teams will not be able to pick up new clues or receive hints after 5:15 pm. Copies of any remaining clues will be made available to teams after answer sheets are submitted. Teams will be scored on clues solved, hints taken and time of answer sheet submission.

Please note that the winning team will be expected to host a future BANG event.

- W h a t   t o   b r i n g ? -

Participating teams should bring: Weather in the Presidio (and San Francisco in general) is unpredictable, so we recommend dressing warmly (at very least, be sure to bring a light jacket). Food options along the route are scarce, so you'll want to eat lunch beforehand. You may also want to bring some snacks or drinks for consumption while you solve.

- W h a t   i s   I r o n   P u z z l e r   B A N G ? -

It's a perfectly normal BANG, except that all the puzzles are drawn from the set of puzzles created for Iron Puzzler 2008.

- W h a t   i s   I r o n   P u z z l e r ? -

It's a two-day puzzling event, brought to you by Greg DeBeer and EndGame. In Iron Puzzler, teams have 24 hours to create the two best puzzles that they possibly can, followed by four hours of competition to solve as many of the other teams' puzzles as possible. The catch? Each puzzle has to use at least one of the three secret ingredients revealed at the start of the event. Points are awarded for both creativity and solving skill.

- H o w   t o   s i g n - u p ? -

Iron Puzzler BANG is full! Space for the Iron Puzzler BANG is limited to 30 teams of four to six players.

- W h o -

This event is brought to you through the combined efforts of coed astronomy, the Burninators, Evil Geniuses and Wrong Ideas.

- M o r e -

For more information on BANG events, check out the Bay Area Night Game Wiki.