SF DASH Accepted Teams

1Meat Machine (paid)
2Eating Buildings (paid)
3Domokun Allstars (paid)
4The Smoldering YAK
5My Three Dads (paid)
65 Blind Dashers (paid)
7The Destructinators
8Bananaphone (paid)
9Guantanamo Bay (paid)
10Desert Taxi
11Turbo Puzzlers (paid)
12Mystic Fish (paid)
13Red Harvest
14S.P.I.E.S. (paid)
1513th Avenue (paid)
16As yet unnamed (paid)
17Om Nom Nom Nom (paid)
18Rubidium Delight (paid)
19A Bear Mambo (paid)
20Yay (paid)
21Out in Left Field (paid)
22Burnt Caramel
23Shake and Bacon (paid)
24Black Holes and Revelations (paid)
25Hostel California