PA DASH Accepted Teams

1The League of Extraordinary Puzzlemen (paid)
2Continental Breakfast (paid)
3Team Longshots (paid)
4Code Yellow (paid)
5Judean People's Front (paid)
6Forks on Fire (paid)
7Caffeine Aftershocks (paid)
8Snow Job (paid)
9Sol Survivors (paid)
10XX-Rated (paid)
11Blood & Booze (paid)
12What's Fennel? (paid)
13Twelve Metchsteek (paid)
14Evil League of Evil (paid)
15Team With No Name (paid)
16Go Banana! (paid)
17Go Apple! (paid)
18Everybody Loves Nutella (paid)
19Consumer Recreation Services (paid)
20ReD'oh (paid)
21The Burninators (paid)
22Kittens Kittens Kittens (paid)
23Los Amigos (paid)
24Hookd on Fonix (paid)
25Cranea (paid)
26Clues? We Don't Need No Stinking Clues (paid)
27Universal Solvent (paid)
28Clean (paid)
29General Ignorance (paid)
30Team Manto