saturday october 1, 2005 - downtown san mateo

- f i n a l   r e s u l t s -

Congratulations to Get on a Raft with Taft for winning BANG 12!
Team Pts Arrival
1. Get on a Raft with Taft 240 9:36 PM
2. The Burninators 235 8:28 PM
3. The Burninatees 235 9:20 PM
4. Walkin' Eds 235 9:38 PM
5. Disorganized Crime 220 8:57 PM
6. Hi-5 220 9:40 PM
7. Tag & Release 220 10:00 PM
8. Judean People's Front 220 10:06 PM
9. Little Lunch 215 9:45 PM
10. Resumed Mad 215 9:58 PM
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- c l u e s -

Online versions of the clues, hints, and materials used in BANG 12 are available here.

- f e e d b a c k -

coed astronomy welcomes any and all feedback on BANG 12. Please send email to with your thoughts and opinions on how we can make our next event even better.

- c r e d i t s -

BANG 12 was brought to you by the members of coed astronomy: Crystal Chen, Jan Chong, Peter Lai, Elena Melendez, Linnsey Miller, Dale Neal, Justin Santamaria, Yar Woo.

Playtest thanks goes to: Team Sharkbait (of Seattle), Rachel Weinstein, Eddy Chan & friends, Buddy Betts, Sha Sha Chu, Matt Person, Walter Shen, Justin Tansuwan, Justin Hwang, May Ling Halim, Justin Graham, Kathleen Mikulis & friend, Greg deBeer & friend, Asher.

Special thanks to the following for their time and cooperation on the night of the game: John Ren, Alyssa Storer, Raina Storer, Rein Vaska, B Street Billiards, Taqueria Tres Amigos, Blockbuster Video, California Roll, Hallmark, Peninsula Beauty Supply, Starbucks Coffee, Wolf Camera.

- f i n a l l y -

For information on upcoming BANG events, check out the Bay Area Night Game Wiki.